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The Robotics Club is trying to improve the participation of IIT Delhi in Robotics competitions in technical festivals around the country organized round the year. Its achieving this by encouraging and assisting students to participate in such events. It has members who, apart from having good experience in Robotics, have participated in different technical fests besides Robocon, and we believe this could be of great help to students interested in the same. Based on the preliminary report, mentors would be allotted to the teams interested in participating in the technical fests. Every year, numerous teams participate in technical festivals like at IIT Bombay (TechFest), IIT Kharagpur (Kshitij), BITS Pilani, IIT Delhi etc.

2015 events


The main aim of the competition was to make an automatic robot which could read input from the overhead webcam and detect the cubes on the arena and put them in such an order that they replicate the design given to us in a specific area of the arena. The bot was controlled by using a combination of Arduino and Matlab.

Vaibhav Gupta , Ankur Kumar , Shivam Agarwal , Goalla Nihal

Hover On

HOVERON was a competition held at Techfest-2014, IIT Bombay. In this event teams have to make an autonomous hovercraft which could traverse the arena through line following mechanism.

Varan Gupta, Kuldeep Singh Rathore, Shubham Kumar Prajapati


Tremors is a robotics competition organized by IIT Kharagpur during Kshitij, 2014. The event was held from 30th January, 2014 to 3rd February, 2014.

Roshan Patra,Manoj Bajaj, Saurabh Sinha , Jyotirmoy Ray


IARC is a robotics competition organized by IIT Kanpur during Techkriti, 2014.The event was held from 6th March, 2014 to 9th March, 2014.The event focuses on solving a line maze via line following autonomous robot,one of the very basic yet extremely important concept of robotics, and calculate the shortest path in the maze. In addition to that bot has to negotiate with an arena full of obstacles.

Chirag Agarwal, Harshit Chauhan, Akash