The Robotics Club is trying to improve the participation of IIT Delhi in Robotics competitions in technical festivals around the country organized round the year. Itsx achieving this by encouraging and assisting students to participate in such events. It has members who, apart from having good experience in Robotics, have participated in different technical fests besides Robocon, and we believe this could be of great help to students interested in the same. Based on the preliminary report, mentors would be allotted to the teams interested in participating in the technical fests. Every year, numerous teams participate in technical festivals like TechFest (IIT Bombay), Kshitij (IIT Kharagpur), Shaastra (IIT Madras), APOGEE (BITS Pilani), Tryst (IIT Delhi) etc.

Bomb Disposal

A prototype of manually controlled bomb disposal robot which collects miniature bombs from far to reach and dangerous places and diffuses them. Algorithm optimization using linear programming has been used to diffuse maximum bombs in least time.

This was made to compete in the Bomb Disposal competetion of Ksitij 2017 (IIT Kharagpur)


  • (Best Mechanical Design) Shreshth Tuli, Raj Agarwal, Shikhar Tuli and Abhinav Kalra

Magneto, a Hand Gesture controlled bot to complete the problem statement which consisted of traversing the path and moving and placing of blocks and cubes over a certain distance by overcoming obstacles in between. The bot was required to empty a tumbler into another one. The bot designed by the team was controlled by accelerometers, and the data was transmitted via bluetooth modules to the bot.

The controller consisted of Arduino uno while the bot was run by Arduino Mega. The bot used a differential drive and consisted of gripping with three degrees of freedom (gripping arm, rolling action, picking action). The designed bot was successfully able to grab boxes, roll and pick them. However due to heavy weight of arm the control wasn't smooth. Also the bot had trouble climbing on slopes due to unbalanced torque of arm.

This was made to compete in the Magneto competetion of Shaastra 2016(IIT Madras). Two teams won 1st and 3rd Prize.


  • (1st Position) Sankalp Garg , Aditya Abhishek, Priyam Sodhiya and Vinayak Gupta
  • (3rd Position) Deepanshu Jindal, Akash Mahajan, Harman Mehta and Abhishek Kumar

It is an autonomous line following robot which not only follows straight lines, but alos takes 90,45 degree turns. Also it is capable to find shortest path in any given arena made up of several paths. It was made to complete the problem statement of the event MeshFlare in the Techfest 2016(IIT Bombay) .


  • Vaibhav,Pranav,Pushpendra and Sumit
  • Sushant Rathi, Shaswat Shivam, Pratyush Maini and Shashank Goel

A wireless autonomous traversal robot, which takes visual feed from a camera, and moves accordingly by recognising obstacles and objectives.

It uses OpenCV/MATLAB image processing library to identify and diffrentiate shapes and calculates the best path avoiding obstacles.

This was made to compete in the Conquest competetion of Kshitij 2017(IIT Kharagpur). Two teams won 1st and 3rd Prize.


  • (1st Position) Suraj Goel, Snigdha Dalvi, Saurabh Gupta and Prakhar Agarwal
  • (3rd Position) Abhay Saxena, Mayuna Gupta, Harshit Goel and Vivek Singhal

This Robot was developed to compete in the competition Escalade 4.0 Prelims . The robot had to traverse on two thin plans picking and placing colored boxes at their correct location. This was made to compete in the Escalade competetion of Tehniche 2016(IIT Guwahati).